Welcome to the sounds of summer! During the off-season, I edit mixes to introduce later in the year during the main wedding season. These are just some of the mashups I created for the summer of 2019. After over a decade of performing for weddings and special events, I’ve set myself apart from other DJs in South Carolina. I love to take music throughout the year and put a new spin on it in a way no one else can. With my classical pianist background, I am able to harmonically mix instrumentals and acapella along with live piano in a way that’s unique to me. My high-energy style matches the spirit of summer weddings and mash-ups. The ones below are a perfect way to get people from ages 25 to 65 all on the same dance floor.

Personally, I love how mash-ups seamlessly blend a wide variety of genres and musical styles. They are a fantastic way to incorporate a range of eras, tastes, and energies. Most guests have never experienced my one-of-a-kind style of DJing. Guests of all ages love to see, and more importantly hear, how live piano is fused with creative mixes throughout the night. My special recipe for getting everyone dancing is why I was voted best DJ in Charleston for 9 years in a row!

While I don’t play mash-ups all night long, the videos below are just a taste of why my Charleston DJ entertainment will make your event stand out. The entertainment is a very important part of your wedding or event, and I would love to play a role in making yours memorable–the very best it can be. I would love to share more about what I do for you and your guests as a Charleston DJ. Contact me to get any questions you have answered, or for a quick quote.