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Frequently Asked Questions
So Why Choose Darby Events?

The Knot Magazine Interview

A: Well, I started playing the piano when I was 5 years old, played my entire life and was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to play classical piano for the College of Charleston. Once I started playing and performing with top level musicians and producers, I was introduced to Djing /music production and haven’t looked back. From there I worked with some of the best musicians/DJs in the world and now focus on high-end wedding entertainment.
A: Since 2011. I started focusing on wedding entertainment then and now have played for and DJ’d over 400 weddings.
A:  When I DJ a wedding I certainly do not play the piano the ENTIRE night. I use my pianos for certain portions and pieces of music throughout the evening utilizing acapellas, instrumentals, live loops, and mixing and matching originals and classics of all genres through DJing and live instrumentation. I do use the piano to play along with full songs especially during cocktail hour and dinner. I love playing acoustic covers of pop music and classics as well as performing mash ups when the energy is high and its time to party. Using my piano gives the music a “live” feel that entertains guests of all ages with all different tastes in music. Its a unique type of entertainment that people have never seen and always remember for a long time. I love to DJ, and adding my piano makes it that much better.
A: 100% communication. More than the music, communication with my couples, planners, and other vendors is the single most important part of my job. Great communication combined with the best music in Charleston is the recipe for my success. I also strongly believe in technology and good equipment. The pianos, computers, speakers, subwoofers, microphones etc- everything I use MUST be the best in the industry. A lot of people don’t worry as much about this but trust, me you can really tell the difference.
A:  Everyone has been to a wedding or an event where the entertainment did not have that “wow” factor. Its one thing if your wedding cake isn’t the tastiest, or the food isn’t the best but another if you have to listen to bad entertainment for hours and hours. I have worked hard to keep wedding guests on their toes for years and the way I DJ a wedding has been perfected over time. Unique, modern, and high energy that how I describe what I do ????
A: The gratitude I receive from seeing people happy and having fun. Its the best feeling when guests of all ages take the time to thank me after a wedding and tell me that they have never seen anything like that in their lives. The way people stop and stare at me playing the piano mid-song because what I do is so different. That is why I work so hard at what I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Why Choose Darby Events?

Almost every time I first meet/chat with a couple shopping for a DJ, they are thinking to themselves, what the heck do I ask this guy? Most people have never hired a DJ so I want to quickly explain a little more about my approach to weddings and why Im different than every other DJ/company.

  • I am a seasoned commercial DJ having played on national stages alongside other incredibly talented musicians and DJs. Im also a classical pianist. When I perform, I combine these skills and am able to provide a “live” feel to my music.
  • Im not a booking agency and don’t have a roster of DJs, any of which could show up at your wedding. If you book me, Im your DJ, from start to finish. This is my full-time job and I eat, sleep, and breathe music and weddings.
  • Im not an iTunes click and play DJ and mix music seamlessly, live at every event. Im also a wedding DJ, not a club DJ, and there is a big difference. I use ALOT of elements that you would experience in a club but understand how weddings are to be treated differently. My job is to make people in their 70’s dance with people in their 20’s and 30’s, and that is a skill in itself.
  • I use the highest quality, most reliable, commercial grade equipment available. Again, this is my livelihood and I spend a lot of time and effort making sure that everything I use is the very best that exists.
  • My music and performance has dynamic. Each portion of the evening should be different and flow into the next. I like to play up-beat happy jams for cocktail hour, utilize my piano a lot during dinner with downtempo acoustic jams and unique mixes of Top 40 as well as the classics, and finish with your reception and the last 2 hours at 100 MPH. My approach is very high-energy and covers a lot of genres, all mixed and matched in a very unique way. I like to make people get excited and dance until their feet hurt.
  • My music does the talking, not me. My motto is “less is more” with a microphone and do not hype up your crowd or tell jokes, etc. I perform at elegant events and Im certainly not the star of the show. I use a microphone to direct the procession of the evening, inform your guests as to what is going on, and provide all necessary MCing and announcements. A lot of DJs unfortunately are very very cheesy, but I am everything but that.
  • Lastly, I LOVE WHAT I DO. I play at amazing celebrations and travel all over the world DJing. Im so fortunate to do this for a living and it shows every time I play and perform. This is ALL I do, and I absolutely love it.