I play on my own a lot just for fun but recording these sessions, as well as small side projects, are a great way to show off some of the possibilities that exist when you incorporate live instrumentation with recorded music. This combination of live piano music with my work as a DJ gives my DJ services in Charleston, SC a unique spin that you won’t get anywhere else. It gives my entertainment a dynamic quality that will keep your guests on their feet all night long!

This Video of the Month uses the Far Out remix of the Daft Punk classic “Harder, Faster, Stronger” as a base. From there, I incorporated a variety of synthesizer effects on the keyboard in real-time. I would recommend a good pair of headphones or great speakers to fully appreciate everything as you listen to this video. It was recorded with superior quality equipment to ensure that every detail of my creative product could be heard. DJing is really the cornerstone of my work, but the addition of live piano helps me stand out as an amazing wedding DJ. In addition to remixes, I use acapella and instrumental tracks. I am well-known for my mashups, which are a great way to fuse various styles and genres of music. Pulling music from all different eras is one of the ways I get guests from ages 25 to 65 all on the same dance floor!

I hope you enjoy this video. Be sure to explore the rest of my website to learn more about my style and what I do to offer my clients something truly unique. If you’re looking for DJs in Charleston, SC, I would love to play a role in making your event a truly spectacular one. Reach out to get a quick quote or ask any questions you might have.