I don’t normally mix music this fast. This “Good Vibes Quick Mix” Video of the Month shows how I can perform on the fly! Mixing acapella and instrumental tracks with live instrumentation is something I’ve perfected after over a decade as a SC wedding DJ. I’ve performed at weddings and other events around the nation. My one-of-a-kind style is what sets me apart from other DJs in South Carolina.

I am a classically trained pianist. When I first started DJing I created a niche type of entertainment. I fused live piano and harmonic DJ mixing. DJing is truly the cornerstone of my work. This unique blend of live music and mixing brings a completely new experience to many guests that DJing alone simply cannot provide. Another element I love to incorporate throughout the night is mashing up all kinds of music from different genres, styles, and eras. This is just one of my tricks for getting guests from age 25 to age 65 all dancing on the same floor! I don’t play exclusively mashups and mixes all night, some songs are perfect just the way they are. My specific sound is why I’ve been named one of the Best Charleston Wedding DJs by my peers for nine years in a row!

Why Charleston Wedding DJs?

If you’re looking for an amazing SC Wedding DJ, I’m your guy! The entertainment is such an important part of your special day. I’d love to have a hand in ensuring your guests are on their feet all night long! Learn how my unique style can take your wedding or event entertainment to a whole new level. Be sure to check out some of my other videos that showcase my mashups a small handful of the many events I’ve performed at over the years.